Jerome Blazé – Lone Pine

Jerome Blazé is a name I hope you’ll be getting used to soon. Just 16 years old, this beatmaker hailing from New South Wales has been finessing his craft for the last two years, writing and producing in his self-made studio. Three months ago saw the release of his five track strong debut EP Boundless Horizons, but it’s his latest one-off “Lone Pine” [released via BPMG] that caught my ear.

Inspired by one of the most famous battles of the Gallipoli campaign [fought between Australian and Ottoman Empire forces during WWI for those clueless like me], this symphonic experience is moving in both the figurative and literal senses. Looming strings set a far-reaching tenor as Jerome lays down an increasingly stirring vocal track. The emotion is evident and heartfelt.

Then at about the 1:30 mark things get really interesting as the track explodes into a full on orchestral-EDM powerhouse, akin to something Madeon or Zedd are now famous for. From there it’s a mix of accelerated percussion patterns and undulating synths making for one hell of a sweat-inducer and an instant rotation filler.

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