Rip_Chord – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Editor’s note: I usually reserve Thursday’s space as throwback territory, but for a variety of reasons I couldn’t pass up this cover of an NSYNC Christmas classic.

Unbeknownst to me, after checking out a BuzzFeed post blowing up my Facebook wall, there’s an all male acapella group tearing it up at my alama mater Elon University in North Carolina [go Phoenix!]. The group goes by Rip_Chord and they’ve been turning out their polished brand of vocal pop covers for years now [do check out the three albums already under their collective belt]. Their latest single is no exception.

A re-imagining of the criminally underrated “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” from NSYNC’s lone holiday inspired album, 1998’s Home For Christmas. So I guess in a way, this is a throwback after all. Blogging semantics aside, these talented undergrads not only do the original justice, they turn this one into their own with exceedingly crisp harmonies and accomplished arrangement. Plus the guys put a spin on NSYNC’s visuals as they have fun making their way across the beautiful as ever Elon campus; special shout out to the Hotline Bling guy aka my new crush.

Get in the holiday spirit with a play below and check Rip_Chord out online!

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Rip_Chord YouTube

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