Digital High’s Top 20 Tunes Of 2015 [20 – 16]

It’s the middle of December so you know what time it is; the annual guessing game of which coworker will be the sloppiest drunk at your office holiday party. Oh, and Digital High’s Top 20 Tunes of 2015.

20. Love MeThe 1975
      The 1975 returned to musicmaking this year in a big way. Leaving
      behind their more traditional alt-pop stylings for a new wave sound,
      they released “Love Me,” lead single off of sophomore LP I like it
      when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.
It’s a
      refreshing 180 and an encouraging sign of what’s to come for the
      Manchester lads in 2016.

19. “Home”Madeon
      Probably the most personal track to grace this countdown, “Home” is
      Madeon’s synth-heavy presentment of a grueling 24 hour production
      period at the start of each new album that had him ready to swear off
      music. Luckily for us, he pressed on and laid down his own vocals for a
      surprising change and one of album Adventure’s standouts

18. “Can’t Feel My Face”The Weekend
      There was a good month long stretch this past summer where you
      couldn’t go about five minutes without hearing The Weekend’s “Can’t
      Feel My Face.” And for great reason, the cocaine love song is an
      upbeat slice of pop excellence with its disco-funk undertones and The
      Weekend’s suave vocal effort.

17. 17Cyrus ft. Packy
      Coming in at no. 17 is naturally “17,” a dope callback to the carefree
      high school years when life was a party, not the listless soul-suck it’s
      become after college. Michigan natives Cyrus and Packy come
      and turn out one of the years most fun and oft spun tracks.

16. “The Real”Busty and The Bass
      Electro-soul collective Busty and The Bass released their debut album
      GLAM this year led by the brass-heavy “The Real.” It’s a robust
      production full of energizing horns, jazzy riffs, and gliding vocals that
      finds itself comfortably at 16.

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