[Been Sleeping On] twenty one pilots – Stressed Out (Dave Winnel Remix)

When one thinks of twenty one pilots and their body of work I’m sure ‘speaker bustin’ dance smash’ doesn’t immediately come to mind. Well that might change after you listen to Dave Winnel’s wicked remix of their smash success “Stressed Out.” The Sydney-based producer doesn’t merely rework the alt-hip-hop hit. No no, he transforms it into a club-killing beast.

Checking in at a thumpin’ 126 beats per minute, it’s hard to recognize this as the chilled out original. But the catchy hook is still prominently featured, it’s just been elevated by some deep piano house undercurrents and a relentless rhythm. I’ve been spinning this one for a few weeks now and I can’t shake it. It’s not only grown on me, it’s starting to consume me really. It’s just that dope.

Do enjoy:


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