Death Cab For Yeezy

In the beginning the Internet created Yeezer, a heavenly pairing of Weezer and Kanye West. Then the Internet said “Let there be more,” and there was Kanye Of The Stone Age, the enlightening combination of Kanye and Queens Of The Stone Age. The Internet saw that the mash-ups were popular so it gave us one more, Death Cab For Yeezy, a divine coupling of Death Cab For Cutie and Yeezus himself. The Internet saw all that it had made, and behold, it was very good.

While vocal stylings of pre-Kardashian Kanye married with the alt-indie rockability of Death Cab For Cutie may seem like they make for strange bedfellows, this latest collabo-dream is pretty damn great. Throughout the six track project West’s vintage lyricism is imaginatively mixed up in the melodic musings of one of mid 2000’s most unconventional acts.

Standouts include “Get Em High // Crooked Teeth” where unbridled flow meets contemporary jangle and “All Falls Down // Sound Of Settling,” an anthemic rap-rock cry for a new generation. Stream them and the rest of this twisted fantasy below.


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