Bright Lights – Heartless (Kanye West Cover)

While Kanye West continues his slow slide into senility, other artists are using his prior greatness as inspiration for their own creativity. Take for instance Bright Lights, who is kicking off her own Cover Series with a bass-busting rendition of one of 808s and Heartbreak’s biggest tunes, “Heartless.”

Now for those familiar with the songwriter turned singer, you might be thinking to yourself “wait, wasn’t I listening to this months ago?” You’re [kinda] right. Having lent her vocals of the song to producers in the past you’ve probably heard Ridvan’s deep af take or Slips & Slurs trap heavy go, but this latest version shines the spotlight on Ms. Lights and her rarefied range.

She let’s loose over the melodic-trap stylings of beatmaker cryptex, extinguishing any doubt that this work is entirely her own. Fuck the autotune crutch, this is all-natural talent. Give it a stream below and keep your ears open for more dope covers from Bright Lights.


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