Kill J – You’re Good But I’m Better (Jaramix ft. Marc E. Bassy)

Swedish songsters Jarami and SoCal soloist Marc E. Bassy are quickly becoming favorite sons of Digital High. After wowing on last year’s revamp of an Aaliyah classic, the proven pairing are back at it, this time tackling Danish dame Kill J’s electro-pop pleaser “You’re Good But I’m Better.”

Serving up a full-flavored rendition, Ja and Rami blend the original’s subtle groove with a kickin’ new bassline and roaring brass then sprinkle a dash of cowbell throughout for that little something extra. And Bassy, for lack of a less cliched term, slays on his new verse [as he normally does]. This should be an easy rotation mainstay for y’all. Stream below:


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