[Premiere] Stu Basham – Wait On You

Well, what a weird morning to wake up to in America.

But it’s a new day and what better way to start then some impressive indie-pop-rock. Stu Basham is a singer-songwriter hailing from the sacred streets of New York City and today he’s offered up a wistful rumination on heartbreak from years past. Unintentionally fitting the mood of about 50% of the country right now, “Wait On You” details the consternation behind not knowing why a relationship was never allowed to foster and grow.

This song came out of frustration of never getting to the bottom of why someone never gave me a chance. Never understanding why.

Over a melodic synthesis of rousing riffs, delicate piano play all his own Basham sings “We never got a chance to fly / You never told me the reasons why / It’s ok that you left me in the dark / Just tell me why it felt so right.” That touch of poignancy and overwhelming sincerity rings true before his wife joins him on the second verse adding an unexpected but significant approach. The dual vocals ebb and flow effortlessly, coalescing for a truly harmonic musical union. And don’t worry, she’s not the track’s catalyst.

Give ‘Wait On You’ a spin below and then spread some social love for the talented young man:

Stu Basham Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter


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