[Been Sleeping On] TRONICBOX – What Do You Mean It’s 1985

Justin Bieber? Check.
1980s inspired rework of Justin Bieber smash? Check.
Epic saxophone solo? Yep, check.

All the elements of a fascinating musical experience are there; I’m just pissed its taken me six months to finally hear it. I’m talking about beatcrafter and obvious old-soul TRONICBOX’ nostalgia-inspiring flip of the previously mentioned Canadian heartthrob’s mammoth “What Do You Mean?”

Here, the fellow Canuck has taken the brooding original and masterfully re-imagined it as a glamorous and synthtastic ballad from the golden age of Pop. As if straight out of a John Hughes film, the new version blends a heavy dose of synthesized arrangements and programmed percussion with the genre’s timeless use of both sax and string solos.

And gross as it may sound, this would have definitely been the soundtrack to many of our parents’ babymaking nights. Step back in time with a stream below:

TRONICBOX Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter


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