DYLYN – American Nightmare

Following her previous 2017 cuts “Mimosa” and “Secret,” Toronto up-and-comer DYLYN drops this summer’s latest anthem, “American Nightmare.” A pop-punk piece following in the same vein of her previous releases, this three minute celebration of millennial independence rocks out with a torrid riff and hand-clapping percussion. Saying of the track, the young soloist shared:

My generation is much more in tune with our emotions and who we are than past generations. Some choose to take a traditional path in life, settle down, get married and have kids, which is cool. But, I always felt as though life was sketched out a little different for me. The “American dream” isn’t the same as it used to be. There is no age limit, gender, or rules that apply to what we have to do in life.

Substance and style en masse, this track shines bright. Give it a spin below:

DYLYN Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter

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