Smith & Thell – Toast [Video]

I was happily introduced to Smith & Thell as the vocal support for Don Diablo’s dance darling “Save A Little Love,” but get to enjoy the Swedish duo on their own merits as they drop the official visuals to their Soulprints’ single “Toast.”

Filmed in and around a castle outside their beloved Stockholm, the video finds the pair interacting with a cast of woesome characters only to lead to a rather fulfilling conclusion; much in line with the spirit of the bluegrass-tinged cut. Speaking on that message they share:

The song is really a reflection of both our personalities. There’s a lot of depth and sadness in us, but at the same time it’s easy for us to smile on, to celebrate life and be very childish. At some point we need to realize that in order to move on we have to forgive ourselves, others around us and destiny itself. Once you forgive, you can learn to celebrate the ups and the downs.

Raise a glass with a stream below, make sure to check out their debut album, and spread the social love:

Smith & Thell Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter


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