Kelly Clarkson – Medicine

So I haven’t been this excited about a Kelly Clarkson bop since, well, “Since U Been Gone.” Off of her newly minted album Meaning Of Life, “Medicine” is reminiscent of the zealous pop sounds surrounding a post breakup aesthetic that the soloist brought to the table in her early post-Idol career.

A funky groove sets the tone on this 90’s tinged track, serving as an ideal bedrock for Clarkson to hit her signature runs and Mariah-esque high notes. And how! You wouldn’t want to be the maligned ex on the receiving end of her vocal scorches. It’s just another illustration of how her passion pouring out out in melodic droves creates such memorable works, a sonic approach she masters so well.

Fall back in with a stream below and be sure to check out Meaning Of Life out now c/o Atlantic Records.

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