Digital High’s Top 20 of 2017 [15 – 11]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2017 [20 – 16]
20. “Just Dance”HONNE
19. “Shining”DJ Khaled ft. Beyoncé & JAY-Z
18. “Save A Little Love”Don Diablo
17. “love somebody like you”joan
16. “Killing Karma”Sol Heilo

15. “Medicine” Kelly Clarkson
2017 was a resurgent year for Kelly Clarkson. The seasoned vocalist released Meaning Of Life, her eighth studio album, to welcomed fanfare from fans and critics alike; much of that due in large part to pop powerhouse “Medicine.” A tune steeped in funky grooves and signature runs, I haven’t had this much fun listening to a Clarkson cut since, well, “Since U Been Gone:”

14. “Til I Get Found”Marc E. Bassy
Releasing his debut album Gossip Columns this past Fall, Marc E. Bassy piqued ears with his brand of R&B-tinged pop. Checking in at #14 is track number three, a bouncy affair dealing in the intricacies of moving on after a relationship has run its course. The song’s standout feature? A soulful choir of supportive vocalists carrying the second half home.

13. “Pass You By”The Aston Shuffle
An insatiable house rhythm coupled with soloist Ryan Ashley’s dulcet vocals highlights this dancefloor filler from the Australian duo. Even the casual EDM listener can appreciate the deep bass and velvety tones at play on this one:

12. “hate you”Lesser Bay ft. Lowell Oakley
A track I happened to luckily stumble across one fateful trip down the Twitter rabbit hole, “hate you” is an electronic treat from two friends out of North Carolina’s Elon University [which just so happened to graduate yours truly some ten years ago]. A true collaboration through and through, the pair wrote and re-wrote the song during the recording process before LB settled on the final product. It was well worth the wait considering the tinkering paid off in the end:

11. “Lost In Your Light”Dua Lipa ft. Miguel
There may not have been a bigger success story than Dua Lipa’s in 2017. Her eponymous debut album was everywhere boosted by arguably its biggest record “New Rules.” But it’s her electroni-pop piece with Miguel that made this cut. Grandiose synths dance around funky percussive elements as the two trade verses about fittingly deep infatuations making for one of the year’s doper duets:


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