For Your Weekend…

Like any busy music blog, Digital High’s inbox gets hit up with submissions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously good, that this one dude can’t possibly keep up with. So I’m going to batch post the best of the bunch every Friday to help you groove on into your weekends. It’s my chance to spread even more exposure to the deserving artists out there, enjoy.

DNCEPeople To People EP
– surprise! it’s four new, slightly chilled out originals from everyone’s favorite funky poppers; stream / download c/o Republic Records

Don Broco – Greatness (Official Video)
– from the only metal band I’ve ever tolerated, check out the dystopic visuals for their larger-than-life Technology track. stream / download the album c/o SHARPTONE and for my friends across the pond, you can check the visionary rockers out in all their glory as they embark on a just announced 2019 arena tour

Avantist – Ramses
– from Chicago’s post-punk sphere comes this energizing blend of experimental curiosity and indie sensibility; stream / download c/o No Trend Records

Noah Slee x Delusion – Maybe
– with a pronounced bounce paving the way, the swaggy soloist and his producer pal come correct with this cocksure collaboration; stream / download c/o Majestic Casual Records

John and Joe – Honeyman
– putting the counter-intuitive approach to the twenty-something dating scene on blast, the alt-retro duo flip the script with their cheeky, but more importantly infectious, alt-pop piece

Chores ft. Eye Sak Mac – Vampire Teeth
– with a touch of nu-disco chic charming the senses, the New Zealand beatmakers team up with their fellow countryman for a fanciful dance feat; download ava now

Mikey Wax – Big Little Life
– subtle strings and slight percussive elements build into a full-blown electroni-pop ode written for the NYC singer-songwriter’s fiance stream / download c/o WaxSongs

All Faces – Summer In London
– second sneak of their eponymous debut EP, enjoy the folk-pop pleasantries presented by the UK duo

Sunlike Brothers – Sunshine
– and from a pair of up and coming Swiss soundsters, shake it out to this bumpin’ future house heater


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