Virginia To Vegas – Yesterday

Indie-pop act Virginia To Vegas may sound like the name of a States-spanning musical duo, but its actually the brainchild of accomplished singer-songwriter Derik John Baker. The sought-out soloist, he co-wrote the DVBBS & Blackbear smash “IDWK,” is known for a lyrical prowess and electrifying vocal essentials all his own; both sharing the spotlight on latest single “Yesterday.”

First release in nearly a year, the new cut relies on a simple electronic cadence to set the pace before deeper bass synths and overwhelmingly warm tones build a melody that will resonate with eager ears. Speaking on the track, Baker says:

It was written in a World War Two bunker in a tiny little studio 50 feet under ground in Stockholm, Sweden. It was such a surreal experience just being there, let alone coming out of this studio with a song that felt very special and honest.

But you can take all that in for yourself with a stream below, really getting to know the man behind the serene sound. Then grab a copy courtesy of Wax Records and be sure to show him some social love too:

Virginia To Vegas Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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