Dree Mon – Dance Like I Want To [DH Premiere]

There is no better way to get a read on someone than watching them bust out their finest moves when that perfect song comes on. Whether they’re a classically trained dancer or the second coming of Elaine Benes, if they’re shifting with a smile on their face and conviction in their step you know you’ve come across one of the good ones.

Embracing that confident resolve on her latest single “Dance Like I Want To,” Los Angeles’ Dree Mon connects sound and sense for a true sonic spark. Funky riffs and silky smooth synths form the invigorating rhythms, while Dree’s soul-tuned vocals create an aura of earnest encouragement. The self-assured soloists says of the song:

[It’s about] dropping that facade of having to be cool and embracing ones’ own individualism

Words we can all groove by!

Get on board with a stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Shady Unicorn, check out the Kristine May directed / Saleemah Knight choreographed visuals as well, and spread that social love. For a little bonus content you should also peep the DIY’d-out “Rebel Soul,” recently added to the Grammy ballot.

Dree Mon Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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