Pusha T ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill – Coming Home

“ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill” is an indication that the song you are about to hear is worthy of your time and attention. It means the lead artist wanted to elevate their work from great to grand by virtue of the generational voice’s addition. For proof listen no further than Pusha T’s latest, “Coming Home.”

Co-produced by another generational talent in Kanye West [alongside Mike Dean and Charlie Heat], this hip-hop collaboration finds the two stalwarts of the scene connecting verse and hook with the archaic 3 Strikes Drug Law acting as influence. The formidable flow from King Push and sweet-sounding tones from Ms. Hill on full display add a tier of sonic importance to the compelling lyricism at work.

It’s sonorous and it’s substantive, but with all these forces at play how could it not be?

Let it all come together with a stream below, grab a copy courtesy of G.O.O.D. Music / Def Jam Recordings, get involved with the Coming Home campaign, and spread that social love:

Pusha T Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter
Ms. Lauryn Hill Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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