Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [5 – 1]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [20 – 6]
20. “Got Your Message”Eighty Ninety
19. “Everything”Sam Sparro
18. “Dollar”Electric Guest
17. “Cántalo”Ricky Martin, Residente, & Bad Bunny
16. “Ain’t No Secret”Hablot Brown
15. “Good Thing” – Zedd with Kehlani
14. “Acid Dreams” – MAX ft. Felly
13. “Be Fine” – Madeon
12. “No Scrubs” – Weezer
11. “Play It Cool” – Steve Aoki & Monsta X
10. “I Dare You” – The Regrettes
9. “Casualty” – Lawrence
8. “Cheap Queen” – King Princess
7. “Big World” – MOBS
6. “Lights Up” – Harry Styles

5. “Panini”Lil Nas X
Everybody and their grandmomma’s momma went all in on Lil Nas X’s record-breaking smash “Old Town Road,” but I’m just over here like…“Panini” was better. Incorporating a sample of Nirvana’s grunge great “In Bloom,” the unconventional rapper put an unconventional spin on the genre for an unconventional success; fresh takes are the best takes.

4. “If I Can’t Have You”Shawn Mendes
Looking to The 1975 for a little inspiration is always a sure thing. Case in point, fan Shawn Mendes’ pop-bop “If I Can’t Have You.” Robust piano-lines, synths, and strings all play second fiddle to the soloist’s rousing vocal set complimenting the Manchester lads in a most charming way.

3. “Ballin Flossin”Chance The Rapper
But wait, there’s more Mendes! That’s right folks, he pops up as featured support on Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day peak “Ballin Flossin.” A highlight of highlights, the chirpy collaboration blends hip-hop and house all while Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” serves as a choice sample. The Chicago MC is clearly hitting his stride and we are all witness.

2. “Now That I Found You” – Carly Rae Jepsen
It’ll be hard to ever top the appeal of Call Me Maybe,” but damn if Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Now That I Found You” doesn’t give it a run for its money. It’s vintage Jepsen in its blithe-pop melodics and simple but sweet love-song sense. And the cute-as-fuck video, well that’s just icing on top.

1. “Naked Alone”L Devine
British breakout L Devine not so quietly won DH over this year with her rotation mainstay “Naked Alone.” Produced by Swedish project INDIIA, the siren song engages with a balanced bounce and dulcet refrains from the young soloist but it was ultimately the funky bassline that tipped the scales for this top tune; so.damn.smooth.


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