Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [10 – 6]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [20 – 11]
20. “Got Your Message”Eighty Ninety
19. “Everything”Sam Sparro
18. “Dollar”Electric Guest
17. “Cántalo”Ricky Martin, Residente, & Bad Bunny
16. “Ain’t No Secret”Hablot Brown
15. “Good Thing” – Zedd with Kehlani
14. “Acid Dreams” – MAX ft. Felly
13. “Be Fine” – Madeon
12. “No Scrubs” – Weezer
11. “Play It Cool” – Steve Aoki & Monsta X

10. “I Dare You”The Regrettes
One of those sneaky good acts people need to start paying more attention to, The Regrettes made their mark this year with the release of album How Do You Love? and its standout “I Dare You.” A fun, alt-pop romp tackling the precarious ebbs and flows of loving someone, the cut bridges the gap between substance and style with charm and ease.

9. “Casualty”Lawrence
Another track that built support seemingly out of nowhere, “Casualty” from burgeoning brother-sister duo Lawrence is as catchy as it is captivating. A piano-line off the top sets the tone before brother Clyde chimes in with his soulful timbre; the groove is on from there.

8. “Cheap Queen”King Princess
There are a lot of DH newcomers popping up on this year’s list, but that’s what makes maintaining this blog so great, I’ve become familiar with artists outside the top-40 sphere on the regular. King Princess is included among that group as she dropped drag-anthem “Cheap Queen” to rave review. It’s bold, it’s brash, but most importantly it’s boss.

7. “Big World”MOBS
Aussie act MOBS checks those same boxes as they checked in with their 80s-tinged tune “Big World.” Taking inspiration from the Rick Moranis classic Honey I Shrunk The Kids, the group channels that fun and feel-good spirit into the synth-heavy opine on feeling inconsequential in a…you guessed it, big world!

6. “Lights Up”Harry Styles
It may be somewhat early to say but the freshly minted Fine Line from Harry Styles just might be the album of the year. Nearly every single song is listenable and the overall quality is hard to match with lead “Lights Up” serving as its opus. The alt-pop oeuvre that asks ‘do you know who you are?’ ditched the vintage rock rumblings of his debut and never looked back. Delicate string-work and subtle key plucks played off each other as R&B cadences kept pace, making for an easy listen and even easier like.

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