Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [15 – 11]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [20 – 16]
20. “Got Your Message”Eighty Ninety
19. “Everything”Sam Sparro
18. “Dollar”Electric Guest
17. “Cántalo”Ricky Martin, Residente, & Bad Bunny
16. “Ain’t No Secret”Hablot Brown

15. “Good Thing”Zedd with Kehlani
It’s fair to say that Zedd is a long-time mainstay of DH so it should come as no surprise that one of his stronger efforts found its way onto this list. “Good Thing” is exactly that, a superb electronic pop collaboration steeped in beguiling grooves and a velvety vocal set from the always intriguing Kehlani.

14. “Acid Dreams”MAX ft. Felly
Build a nice buzz heading into the new year with MAX and Felly as they take you on this funky groove-laden dose of pop pharma; a real heady trip.

13. “Be Fine”Madeon
There were plenty of choice Good Faith cuts in the year-end running but it was “Be Fine” that stood out among the rest. The synth-pop opine on mental health tackles tricky content with a musical sheen that is both bright and illuminating.

12. “No Scrubs”Weezer
Leave it to Weezer to drop an album full of covers that rival their original counterparts. The Teal Album sees the generational band take on Toto, Tears For Fears, and Michael Jackson to name a few, but it was there rendition of TLC’s call-out classic “No Scrubs” that truly impressed. Ditching the R&B tones for their familiar alt-pop sound, the gents made it their own while still paying a worthy tribute.

11. “Play It Cool”Steve Aoki & Monsta X
It may have taken a while but 2019 was the year DH finally came around to the K-pop sensation. Acts like BTS may dominate the conversation, but it was this Monsta X collaboration that roars loudest. With Steve Aoki providing the dance backdrop the boys are left to do their thing, charming the listener over with their undeniable verse and hook.

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