Digital High’s Top 20 of 2019 [20 – 16]

It’s the end of December so you know what time it is; that time of the year where we reflect on all the poor choices we made throughout the last 365 days and lying to ourselves swearing we won’t make the same mistakes in the next 365. Oh, and Digital High’s Top 20 Tunes of 2019. So without further ado I present to you this year’s mix of eclectic achievement.

20. “Got Your Message”Eighty Ninety
The longtime DH faves finally crack a year-end list with their take on finding the strength to finally move on, “Got Your Message.” Taken from the upcoming Bowery Beach Road EP, the alt-pop piece prospers through its flawless sound structuring and matured lyrical bent; a promising sign of what’s yet to come from this duo on the rise.

19. “Everything”Sam Sparro
Pushing a new jack swing revival will more than likely land you on this list; see Sam Sparro’s return “Everything” for example. The cut is brimming with bounce and bravado making for one hell of a fun listen.

18. “Dollar”Electric Guest
Having only been introduced to Electric Guest over the past summer, the music-making twosome resonated in a big way. That’s because their electroni-poppin’ “Dollar” was one of the sunny season’s strongest ear-worms, what with its focus on hitting that sweet groove and all.

17. “Cántalo”Ricky Martin, Residente, & Bad Bunny
The three sons of Puerto Rico came together and delivered one hell of an anthem this year in the form of “Cántalo.” A song meant to bring the masses together, the inspiring lyrics leap off the page while the rhythms run rich.

16. “Ain’t No Secret”Hablot Brown
Another newcomer to DH’s sphere this year, the Los Angeles trio pleasantly surprised with their silky smooth “Ain’t No Secret.” There’s touches of R&B, funk, and soul all intertwined amidst a bass-laden jam. What’s not to like?


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