DH’s Top 20 of 2021 [15 – 11]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2021 [20 – 16]
20. “Serotonin” – girl in red
19. “Country as Fuck” – Paul Cauthen
18. “Faster Please” – seeyousoon
17. “Daddy” – Tiny Meat Gang ft. Quinn XCII
16. “Recap” – Kito, VanJess, & Channel Tres

15. “Not in the Mood”Fickle Friends
Fickle Friends‘ EP release Weird Years: Season 2 is a solid four tracks of infectious indie-pop. Thanks in no small part to “Not in the Mood,” an upbeat take on reclaiming your power. Oh you’ll be in the mood for this one.

14. “so good”joan
The Arkansas two-o seem to have a leg up on the competition when it comes to the year-end list. They seemingly find their way back here more often than not because their brand of alt-pop keeps you coming back for more. Such is “so good.”

13.“Diggin Da Blunt”Maty Noyes
How glad was DH to have happened upon Maty Noyes this year? She chimes in with one of the slickest listens of the last 365 as “Diggin’ Da Blunt” blows a big puff of R&B-infused pop in your face. Don’t pass on this one.

12. “Close to You”Dayglow
Released almost a full calendar ago, Dayglow’s synth serenade stood the test of time. That was due to a scintillating verse and hook amid an 80’s nostalgia aesthetic. Groove on.

11. “edamame”bbno$ ft. Rich Brian
A bass loop that doesn’t end. A flow that doesn’t disappoint. A beat that doesn’t quit. This collaboration thumps something dumb.


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