DH’s Top 20 of 2021 [20 – 16]

It’s the end of December 2021 so you know what time it is; that time of the year where we wonder which Coronavirus variant is going to ruin our lives next. Oh, and Digital High’s Top 20 Tunes of 2021. So without further ado I present to you this year’s mix of eclectic achievement.

20. “Serotonin”girl in red
For anyone that needed a minute (or two) for their mental health this year, girl in red penned the anthemic catharsis “Serotonin.” an alt-pop look inside the mind of the Norwegian creative, the song shines a spotlight on an oft-taboo subject while soothing disaffected listeners in the process.

19. “Country as Fuck”Paul Cauthen
What a fresh breath of air Paul Cauthen’s no-fucks anthem was. Flipping what it means to be “country” on its head, the cut confronted old stereotypes while carving out a new niche in the brand. And opened up the genre to new listeners in the process.

18. “Faster Please”seeyousoon
In just a little over three minutes, the alt hip-hop project pack a punch on “Faster Please;” each vocalist in the crew provides a fiery flow all as a big beat bumps all the while. Can you keep pace?

17. “Daddy”Tiny Meat Gang ft. Quinn XCII
It’s no joke. The funny pushers check in on the year-ender with their tongue-in-cheek take on maturity. And not only are there pithy plays on word out the yazoo, but the melody on this one is well…damn melodic.

16. “Recap”Kito, VanJess, & Channel Tres
One of the years feel-goodiest tunes comes via this collaboration of like-minded musicians. A slick house groove matched with equally smooth verses and hook holds your interest and sets this listen apart.


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