DH’s Top 21 of 2022 [14 – 8]

Digital High’s Top 21 of 2022 [21 – 15]
21. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo
19. “Dummy” – The Regrettes
17. “Last Birthday” – Valley
16. “Better” – MK & BURNS ft. Teddy Swims
15. “Other Side of Love” – Karen Harding

14. “Her”Megan Thee Stallion
Already mentioned previously, house music had a big moment this year as some major players shifted their sounds to more closely align with the genre. The rapper’s endeavor plays up the rhythm and swag in a big way, proving she can keep it real in and outside of hip-hop.

13. “pogo”bbno$ & Diplo
DH is big on bounce and their may be no bigger last year than this collaboration from a pair of beat-heads. This bop bumps from go and never looks back, building a thump that nearly bests them all.

12. “Obsessed”Calvin Harris ft. Charlie Puth & Shenseea
Now is the moment we slide into some sexy grooves courtesy of Calvin Harris and his second such foray into funk. Regular readers know dude checks a lot of boxes so you won’t be surprised to learn this is the first of three tracks to make the year-ender. The island grooves set a mood while the cool croons of Charlie and Shenseea smooth them out, making for a laidback listen and easy favorite.

11. “Going Crazy”Goo Goo Dolls
The longtime rockers unveiled their fourteenth album this year, delivering a slew of steady sonics including this lesson in optimism. Despite the chaos and uncertainty plaguing society, the track cuts through the bullshit and highlights love as the answer. And we can get down with that.

10. “Change”Djo
The singer+songwriter and part-time Stranger Things actor was a fun find this year and so was his quirky, alt-pop piece. With the whim-factor dialed up, this mix manages intrigue and finesse to perfection. Plus he’s still got that little Netflix gig to fall back on if this doesn’t pan out.

9. “ME WITHOUT U”Kaleena Zanders & Party Pupils
Exceedingly happy doesn’t begin to describe the emotional connection to this anthem of elation. A vibrant, almost palpable vocal leaps off the Party Pupils’ produced track, the two combining for an impassioned experience in style and substance.

8. “YAH Know”Chance The Rapper ft. King Promise
Chance The Rapper returned brighter and better, dropping a substantive lesson in African history with this one. Reeled in by an inspired Whitney sample, once you’re hooked you’re not giving in. So sit back, soak it in, and learn a little bit.


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