DH’s Top 21 of 2022 [7 – 1]

Digital High’s Top 21 of 2022 [21 – 8]
21. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo
19. “Dummy” – The Regrettes
18. “Me Sometimes” – Carter Ace
17. “Last Birthday” – Valley
16. “Better” – MK & BURNS ft. Teddy Swimss
15. “Other Side of Love” – Karen Harding
14. “Her” – Megan Thee Stallion
13. pogo” – bbno$ & Diplo
12. “Obsessed” – Calvin Harris ft. Charlie Puth & Shenseea
11. “Going Crazy” – Goo Goo Dolls
10. “Change” – Djo
9. “ME WITHOUT U” – Kaleena Zanders & Party Pupils
8. “YAH Know” – Chance The Rapper ft. King Promise

7. “Potion”Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa & Young Thug
The second Funk Wav V2 entrant, Calvin Harris kept the cool coming with this slick and smooth groove. And the A-list features aren’t too bad either. What could be better? Stay tuned.

6. “snakes”corook
Just like the quirky soloist, DH doesn’t fuck with snakes. That plain and simple fact was put to tune and for that awareness, however cheeky, it lands in the top ten. For an ophidiophobe like me, the rattles and hisses strewn about are a bit much but they really do add to the essence and end up being a finer point of style on this silly song about snakes.

5. “Act Like That”State Champs ft. Mitchell Tenpenny
DH got a little nostalgic for pop-punk this year after listening to and loving this instance. It’s a straightforward affair but the addition of Mitchell Tenpenny and his bellows, charging in on the heels of that third-act, guitar solo elevated this tune to towering status.

4. “Happiness”The 1975
We’ve finally made it to the sonic embodiment of this wrap’s central theme, the idea of…happiness. It’s evident in the make up of this list, serving inspiration in nearly each cut, but no more so than with this very obvious choice. And the Manchester lads nailed it. Their latest album was an expression of true positivity and love and something so necessary.

3. “Stay With Me”Calvin Harris ft. Justin Timberlake, Halsey, and Pharrell
Regular readers know that while Calvin Harris checks a lot of boxes, Justin Timberlake checks all the boxes. To hear his vocals over a Harris-produced beat was a dream years in the making. And Halsey and Pharrell aren’t too shabby either; just an all around excellent lineup on one track.

2. “I Don’t Wanna Know” – Knox
Kind of out of nowhere, the young creative and his charming bop are honored for receiving the most spins this year. His earnest vocals and a catchy-as-hell melody make that distinction a little more obvious with each new listen, and yes there still are!

1. “I’m In Love With You”The 1975
Which brings us to our conclusion, this manifestation of happy from my favorite band. If the title didn’t make it clear, you’re in for all the feels. Especially as that bridge hits its climax and Matty lays it all on the line with that last chorus. So it is with an abundance of joy that DH wraps 2022 on such a positive note.


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