John Roberts – Danger

You may not be familiar with the name John Roberts, but you may be more familiar with the voice behind the name. If you’re a fan of adult animation, specifically Fox’s EMMY Award winning Bob’s Burgers, then you’ve experienced the sublime joy that is Linda Belcher, family matriarch and unofficial spirit animal of Digital High.

But I’m not here to talk about the EMMY nominee’s voice-acting accolades today, though there are many. Instead, we focus on his side-hustle as he releases his first track of 2023 “Danger.”

It’s a throwback venture, glistening in 80’s inspired synths and mid-tempo grooves, that meets modern expectations as the singer’s warm and inviting vocals lull listeners into a state of sonic agreeability. And not to be outdone, the accompanying Knight Rider inspired visuals feature a bevy of funny faces, serious action, and a real classy crotch shot.

If you weren’t familiar with John Roberts before, you better be now!

Stream below, snag a copy courtesy of X-Bop, and spread that social love:

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John Roberts: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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