EIGHTY NINETY – Three Thirty

Always with an ear out for fresh and creative sounds, I was lucky enough to come across brothers Abner and Harper James, better known as the electro-country duo EIGHTY NINETY. Yes that’s right, a self described ‘808-country’ kinship out of Brooklyn, the two are breaking onto the scene with debut “Three Thirty.”

Busting out the drum machines and telecasters for the self-produced track, the two blend the seemingly diametrically opposed genres in a way that leaves you wondering why there isn’t more of this captivating concoction out there now. The subtle electro patterns carry the track, but its the surprising country riffs and enamoring harmonies that resonate after a first listen.

I’m all for shattering molds, so please give these guys some love with a stream below. Then spread that generosity and check these ones-to-watch-for out online:


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