Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [20 – 16]

It’s the end of December 2020 so you know what time it is; that time of the year where we scream at the top of our lungs thinking about all the ways Coronavirus nearly broke us throughout the last 365 days and prepare to do it all again in the next 365. Oh, and Digital High’s Top 20 Tunes of 2020. So without further ado I present to you this year’s mix of eclectic achievement.

20. “You Already Know”Cold War Kids
The longtime rockers rarely pop up on DH’s radar, but when they do, they do in a big way. Taken from their New Age Norms 2, track #3 is absolutely charming in its funky, alt-rockness. And let’s not forget that good groove.

19. “Tonight”Alaina Castillo
A delightful find in this otherwise lost year, Alaina Castillo impressed and charmed with her groovy, anti-social anthem. From the disco-tuned, pop rhythms to the roller-rink ready visuals, this one brightened some of the darker days.

18. “Friendly”Lauryn Macfarlane
Another new inclusion to the DH sphere this year, Lauryn Macfarlane registered a seismic moment with this alt-pop piece of songwriting strength. If you haven’t taken notice yet, I have a feeling there will be plenty of chances in the future.

17. “System”Tayla Sparx
And keeping the trend of fresh embracement steady, this DH newcomer demanded consideration with her Coping Mechanisms standout. Partying to get over someone is one of the more practical means and this bass-loaded cut serves as the perfect soundtrack.

16. “Undo My Heart”Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals
But UK solo act Karen Harding is no stranger to these pages! A longtime favorite, she got together with fellow countryman Digital Farm Animals this year for a superb dance-collab. Housed-out rhythms and an enriching vocal take connect for a lasting impression, one to spin on and on.


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