Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [15 – 11]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [20 – 16]
20. “You Already Know” – Cold War Kids
19. “Tonight” – Alaina Castillo
18. “Friendly” – Lauryn Macfarlane
17. “System” – Tayla Sparx
16. “Undo My Heart” – Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals

15. “I’m Getting Tired of Me”Kings Elliot
Kings Elliot got deeply personal this year with her introspective and candid cut. In this subtle blend of melody and lyricism the singer-songwriter opens up and lets the listener in, creating an emotional experience that begins to transcend the track with further spins. Take this one in carefully.

14. “Smile”Katy Perry
And in almost an exact 180, Katy Perry struck an optimistic tone on this summer’s anthemic bop. Backed by a dope Naughty By Nature sample, the industry stalwart breaks down her dejections and the journey in prevailing over them. It’s a reminder that we all struggle, but we all have that conviction in us to get back those grins too.

13. “WAP”Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion
Sorry but no year-end list is complete without this raunchy, sometimes absurd, always empowering hit. The tune that got Congressmen losing their minds is fun, frisky, and fresh with its Baltimore club beat and lyrics that leave nothing to the imagination. But that’s exactly what makes this cut so right.

12. “I Wish I Was A…”Noisy
The three lads take on the iPhone generation with this subversive take down, letting it be known a life isn’t meant to be wasted in front of a screen. Don’t let that deter you from reading this post anymore though. You can do that later 😉

11. “23, Never Me”Dead Pony
Kiss 2020 and all its toxicity goodbye with Dead Pony and their raucous rhythmic endeavor. Proudly loud from start to finish, the Glasgow outfit’s cut serves as a go-to listen for anyone that needs that initial push to cut negativity off for good.


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