Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [10 – 6]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [20 – 11]
20. “You Already Know” – Cold War Kids
19. “Tonight” – Alaina Castillo
18. “Friendly” – Lauryn Macfarlane
17. “System” – Tayla Sparx
16. “Undo My Heart” – Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals
15. “I’m Getting Tired Of Me” – Kings Elliot
14. “Smile” – Katy Perry
13. “WAP” – Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion
12. “I Wish I Was A…” – Noisy
11. “23, Never Me” – Dead Pony

10. “Gasoline”Cash Cash ft. Laura White
With turbulent romances serving as inspiration, Cash Cash and Laura White came together and turned out one of the year’s most high-octane collaborations. Bass-abundant rhythms and fiery vocals play off each other’s passion and fuel this into a Top 10 mix.

9. “God’s Plan (Drake Cover)”George Moir
It takes skill to cover one genre’s iconic cut and make it your own in another. It takes true prowess to land at number 9 on the year-ender. But that’s just what DIY soloist George Moir has done with his unreal rework of the Drake classic. From trap toughness to pop pleasantness, enjoy this flip one more time.

8. “Savage (Major Lazer Remix)” – Megan Thee Stallion
Yes, the original is one of the most impressive jams of the year. And yes, the Beyonce remix may top that. But that’s too predictable for DH and the Major Lazer flip had what it took to rack up those repeat listens this year. Boosted by the H-town hottie’s ruthless flow, the production trio hit the listener with that deep house oomph and put this one over the top.

7. “Wildflower”5 Seconds of Summer
Glitzy 80’s pop saw a resurgence this year thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer and their bit of pop brightness. A reverberating pick-me-up, this cut shines with its upbeat melody and even peppier lyrical content; a combination worthy of smiles and spins.

6. “Wrong Right”Little Monarch
Big things often come from the smallest packages, as evidenced by the giant tune the budding LA act put forth this year. An opine on relationship ambiguity, the alt-pop cut champions full-bodied sound and full-throated verse and hook to rise above (most of) the rest.


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