Digital High’s Top 20 of ’20 [5 – 1]

Digital High’s Top 20 of 2020 [20 – 6]
20. “You Already Know” – Cold War Kids
19. “Tonight” – Alaina Castillo
18. “Friendly” – Lauryn Macfarlane
17. “System” – Tayla Sparx
16. “Undo My Heart” – Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals
15. “I’m Getting Tired Of Me” – Kings Elliot
14. “Smile” – Katy Perry
13. “WAP” – Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion
12. “I Wish I Was A…” – Noisy
11. “23, Never Me” – Dead Pony
10. “Gasoline” – Cash Cash ft. Laura White
9. “God’s Plan (Drake Cover)” – George Moir
8. “Savage (Major Lazer Remix)” – Megan Thee Stallion
7. “Wildflower” – 5 Seconds of Summer
6. “Wrong Right” – Little Monarch

5. “Julianna Calm Down” – The Chicks
2020 saw the return of (and then pressured a name change for) The Dixie Chicks. But that was only a minor distraction in the grand scheme of all things Gaslighter and standout track “Julianna Calm Down.” Written for women to turn on and feel damn proud of themselves, the country-pop piece nails the attitude and firmly cements itself as one of the years most spin-worthy tunes.

4. “Birthday (Don Diablo Remix)”Anne-Marie
Don Diablo has an uncanny ability to turn out some of the freshest future-house sounds so when he got ahold of Anne-Marie’s trap-pop anthem you knew the finished flip was going to be something special. An immersion of glitchy piano mixed up with won’t-quit synths support the powerhouse vocals and remind you just how good the groove you’re in is.

3. “Funny”Zedd & Jasmine Thompson
It’s almost a given that when Zedd releases new music in a given year it’s bound to end up on this annual list. To no one’s surprise, that’s exactly what happened when the world renowned producer linked up with celebrated soloist Jasmine Thompson. Their collaboration is both upbeat and soothing, not to mention undeniably engrossing. Seriously, the charm is off the charts thanks to an inviting dance-pop composition and vocal layer that looms not so surprisingly large.

2. “Level of Concern” – twenty one pilots
This year will forever be defined by the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects felt across the globe so it seems only fitting that the top spots on this index reference the impact. Enter twenty one pilots and their dance-rock anthem that served as both a real-time narrative of and escape from the restrictive measures put in place to combat the virus. It became a shared experience of common circumstance and a vital departure, if even for the briefest of moments.

1. “Rain On Me”Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande
But then came the first glimpse of normalcy when Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande graced us with their post-lockdown flirtation that was “Rain On Me.” Taken from Gaga’s return to electro-pop Chromatica, the collaboration leans heavily on house influences while staying true to a dance-pop framework but it’s the charisma from the two star singers that stood tall and reminded us what life beyond a pandemic could be again. And with that, enjoy the very deserving entry at number one this year…


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